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Toddy Haciski

Virtual assistants are NOT a dime a dozen! At T.O.D.D.Y., we take our jobs very seriously so that

You look Great!

We want to T.ake O.ver D.aily D.etails for Y.ou so that you can focus on your own goals - complete that important project without interruption, write your biography, cultivate your client base, spend more time with your family, maximize your bottom line, or whatever it is you WANT to do.

Located in the Baltimore area, T.O.D.D.Y. provides customized, off-site, administrative support. T.aking O.ver D.aily D.etails for Y.ou thrives on accomplishing those mundane, but vital, details of life that rob you of valuable time. Think how much more productive you will be when you reduce the stress in your life! Using T.O.D.D.Y. is efficient, effective, and gratifying.

We are the invisible support staff that makes

You look Great!




While we prefer to meet in person, project assignments and other communications are shared by E-mail, USPS mail, or any other convenient means.


You only pay for time on task. There is no minimum. Please call to schedule a complimentary consultation. Let's see what T.aking O.ver D.aily D.etails for Y.ou can do for you.

We look forward to ...
T.aking O.ver D.aily D.etails for Y.ou!

Toddy Haciski
511 Ensemble Court
Hunt Valley, MD 21030



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